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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new web app to help you find and redeem privileges. Watch the short video below which demonstrates how to save our web-app for easy access and best use.

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Welcome to Key-2 Luxury

Welcome to Key-2 Luxury, the ultimate lifestyle accessory. If you are already a key holder or a global partner we very much hope you will enjoy your journey through our new website. If you would like to become one of our global partners or a Key-2 Luxury key holder we hope you will discover everything you need to do so.

About Key-2 Luxury

Key- 2 Luxury is the ultimate luxury lifestyle membership, connecting thousands of high net-worth members to hundreds of luxury partners worldwide. Key-2 Luxury partners' are within the sectors of travel, 5* hotels, restaurants, premium bars & nightclubs and luxury services. Key-2 Luxury establishes loyal relationships between its valued members and its global luxury partners by offering hundreds of exclusive privileges and personal contacts.

We are always working to find new and interesting ways to add value to your lifestyle. Our policy is to not charge commission to any of our global partners. This allows us to give completely unbiased recommendations and guidance as to what and where we believe to be the very best.

The History of Key-2 Luxury

Founded in 2004 by luxury lifestyle expert and CEO, David Johnstone, Key-2 Luxury was created to link 1,000s of high-net-worth individuals with 100s of premium luxury brands from across the world.  From 2004 to 2010 the silver Key-2 Luxury key ring could not be purchased by the general public and was exclusively available for premium companies to purchase as the ultimate corporate gift to give to their VIPs and was acclaimed by the Financial Times as "one corporate gift to rule them all

Lord Stanley Fink & David Johnstone

In 2006 Key-2 Luxury caught the attention of leading hedge fund impresario Lord Fink, who at the time was Vice Chairman at Man Group PLC, “having purchased key rings for my top clients, a year later I was so impressed by Key-2 Luxury and excited by its future, I became a director and a co-shareholder”.

2011 saw Key-2 Luxury as the official invitation to The Global Party, giving Key-2 Luxury true global status, increasing and cementing its resonance across the world, to over 70 cities and 40 countries.

Key-2 Luxury continues to grow from strength-to-strength creating a loyal connection between its partnering luxury brands and high-net-worth key holders, offering 1 to 3 personal contacts at each and every partnering establishment, exclusive VIP privileges and personal recommendations across the world.

Global VIP Privileges for Life

We look to compliment the lifestyles of our key holders on a day-to-day basis, offering 1 to 3 personal contacts at all of of the recommended partnering establishments, with exclusive VIP privileges at each. Key-2 Luxury partners include acclaimed hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and the purveyors of the finest goods, services, entertainment and travel.

We are always working to find new and interesting ways to add value to your lifestyle. Our policy is to not charge commission to any of our global partners. This allows us to give completely unbiased recommendations, and guidance as to what we believe to be the best.


All around the world the finest restaurants are opening their doors to Key-2 Luxury Key Holders. Enjoy red carpet treatment, with complimentary champagne, or perhaps a preferentially priced bill, suited to your VIP status as a Key-2 Luxury Key Holder.


Wrap yourself in pure luxury with our selection of leading luxury hotels, all of whom have created unique privileges exclusively for our Key Holders. The unique Key-2 Luxury hotel privileges are designed to enhance your travel time and add value to your five star experience.

Parties & Events

We aim to enhance your glittering event with first class introductions, recommendations, and guidance to the world's finest venues. Add a touch more luxury to your stunning and stylish party, with exclusive VIP privileges, designed with the venue, just for you.

Private Dining

Be connected to the world's finest establishments, offering exclusive dining experiences to corporate and private customers alike. Our partner restaurants are situated all around the world and encompass every cuisine, décor and design. Key-2 Luxury adds an extra element of luxury with otherwise unobtainable VIP privileges.


When you are revelling in the glitz and glamour of a world class nightclub, make Key-2 Luxury your essential accessory, never to leave home without. The ultra VIP nature of this membership informs luxury venues around the world that you are a valued guest who deserves red carpet treatment. Jump queues, be on first name terms with management, and enjoy complimentary beverages when your order.


Wherever you are in the world, Key-2 Luxury can introduce you to luxury boutiques, retailers and the purveyors of fine goods. Use the locator functionality on the Key-2 Luxury smartphone app to discover where our official partners are situated, then simply arrive and enjoy a warm welcome and a privileged shopping experience.


Key-2 Luxury handpicks private catering companies and arranges special privileges at each, exclusively for Key Holders to enjoy. Whether looking for canapes, cocktails or cakes, Key-2 Luxury provides recommendations for all, making it the perfect tool when planning any occasion

Health & Beauty

We all need to take time out to relax, unwind and indulge. Key-2 Luxury's extensive network of spa's, beauticians, fitness centers and salons bestow the best beauty treats, with a VIP service, reserved for our Key Holders. Privileges are individually crafted and bespoke to each luxury establishment.


When travelling away from home, for business or pleasure, a little extra luxury goes a long way. Whether looking for a private jet, a chartered yacht or a chauffeur driven car, Key-2 Luxury can guide you to the best in the business.

Wines & Spirits

Purveyors of fine wines, vintage champagnes and premium spirits have partnered with Key-2 Luxury to bestow otherwise unobtainable privileges to our members. The Key-2 Luxury smartphone app, or lifetime key, will entitle you to a private price list costed exclusively for Key Holders, with a list of luxury wine and spirit merchants around the world. Other advantages include complimentary bottles, added to your order.

Key-2 Luxury Properties Membership

Key-2 Luxury Properties was established to meet the needs of Key-2 Luxury Key Holders who have an interest in luxury real estate. Available for yourself, or to gift, this online platform facilitates a direct relationship between properties and prospective tenants or buyers. Whether a city town house, alpine chalet, ocean front villa or a golf course estate; Key-2 Luxury Properties showcases the world’s finest.

Key-2 Luxury Properties is not a broker. We pass the full contact details of interested parties directly to you or to your dedicated representative, thereby facilitating a personal relationship between vendor and interested purchaser or tenant.

Showcasing the World’s Finest 

Wellbeing Membership

We all have to take time out to focus on improving the core conditions of our existence and our overall well being; a state defined by our health, happiness, welfare and prosperity. This is why Key-2 Luxury is pleased to accord its members with additional membership to Wellbeing, available for them to personally enjoy, or to gift to an individual of choice.

Wellbeing partners are personal trainers, nutritionists, spas, health and beauty establishments physiotherapists, masseurs, healthcare professionals, fitness centres, pilates and yoga studios; all of whom offer an array of privileges and VIP treatments, created exclusively for our members. 

Feel great for life with Wellbeing

Syndicate Membership

All Key-2 Luxury Key Holders can now benefit from additional sporting privileges via a luxury membership to our affiliated company; Syndicate. Syndicate caters to both corporate and private sporting interests, providing access to exclusive privileges within the field sports arena which are otherwise unobtainable. From bespoke shotguns, top-of-the-line fishing rods, prestigious shooting days or a box at the races.

Syndicate guides its members to the leading purveyors, whilst securing added benefits, personal contacts and exclusive privileges within the field sports arena.

Syndicate; for the sporting elite

Interiors Membership

Key-2 Luxury Key Holders can now benefit from an additional membership to Interiors. Interiors was established to help facilitate the lives of its clients and partners by connecting them on their journey to create a perfectly unique, comfortable and stylish live or work space. Interiors partner with the very best brands, within different sectors of design and décor.

From fabric to furniture, lighting to antiques, discover the ultimate luxury directory, created exclusively for you to  make a house a home, or a workplace the creative, productive environment that you always envisioned.

Design, Create, Live

Hot Privileges

Designed with our luxury partners, with our Key Holders' needs and requirements in mind, Key-2 Luxury is proud to present Hot Privileges. These ultra luxury, private privileges will be available exclusively to Key Holders and aim to bring once in a lifetime opportunities directly to your desktop.

​Hot Privileges are available only to our key holders, via the Key-2 Luxury mobile app and website. They will only be accessible to those with a Key number and a password, which are necessary to unlock the Hot Privilege.

Become a Global Partner

We very much hope you will join us as an exclusive Key-2 Luxury Partner and enjoy being globally recommended to our high-net-worth VIP key holders across the world. From its inception in 2004 Key-2 Luxury has established itself as the ultimate luxury lifestyle accessory, linking premium partners, with thousands of the world's philanthropic global elite. Launched in 2011, the Key-2 Luxury app features a convenient 'Near Me' function and initiates a first-name-basis service between partners and members.

The Key Holders

Our privileged Key Holders make up a global community of influential individuals with a high corporate and personal spend, who enjoy world travel, first class service and the finer things in life.

Key-2 Luxury Key Holders are located in: London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Barcelona, Shanghai, Berlin, Bangkok, Rome, New Delhi, Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur, Luxembourg, Doha, Moscow, Sydney, Stockholm, Athens, Las Vegas, Mumbai, Washington, Ho Chi Minh City, Miami, Geneva, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Madrid, San Francisco, Mexico City, Toronto, Vancouver, Istanbul, Singapore, Tokyo, Cape Town and New York.

Statistics: 57% male, 43% female; Ages: 21-35, 26%; 35-50, 54%; 50+, 20% 100,000+

Key rings over 70+ Cities and 40+ Countries: Europe: 34%, America & Canada: 31%, Asia: 29%, Africa:3%, Oceania: 3%

                                Companies who have gifted a Key-2 Luxury key ring to their VIPs include:

Our Partners

As a Key-2 Luxury Global Partner you will gain exposure to our key-holders via an exclusive Key-2 Luxury smartphone app and website. We eliminate the middle-man and initiate a direct relationship between partners and key holders. In return we know that key holders will be accorded with VIP treatment on every occasion.

Global Partners Include:Key-2 Luxury Global Partners

Partner Testimonials

“Quite simply the cleverest little accessory we know!!”   “Thanks for the privilege of being associated with Key-2 Luxury”
Alexis Grabar - Managing Director,
Avolus World Travel
  Robert van der Ham - Hotel Manager,
Intercontinental Park Lane

“Key-2 Luxury gives Franco’s the exposure to the world’s most dynamic and influential guests. I am very impressed with their client list, they don’t disappoint!”   “Working with Key-2 Luxury has given us access to a large client base who have remained extremely loyal to PJ’s over the years and we hope many more to come”
Jason Phillips - Managing Director,   Robert O’Leary - General Manager,
Franco’s   PJ’s
“We have built a hugely productive working relationship with Key-2 Luxury and they give us fantastic exposure to their clients, a valuable asset to our company. Long may it continue as it is something we really value”   “Key-2 Luxury has already built an impressive database of high net worth clients through their various corporate partners. As they continue to add exciting offers from leading brands, their exposure in the UK is set to grow”
Craig Pogson - Founder,   Brian Egan - Managing Director,
Pogson & Davis   Exclusive Resorts
“Having worked with Key-2 Luxury for many years, we have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship and the quality of their client base. Key-2 Luxury has grown from strength to strength and we look forward to working with them for many years to come”
Steve Carrodus - Hotel Manager,
Blakes Hotel

Key-2 Luxury

Imagine receiving a silver key ring, which instantly accords you VIP status by offering you hundreds of exclusive privileges and personal contacts around the world for life.

Learn more

Key-2 Luxury Mobile

For the first time since 2004 we are allowing individuals the opportunity to purchase the exclusive Key-2 Luxury key ring in an interactive Mobile format.

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Key-2 Luxury is the perfect marketing tool that makes the right impression, gets better with age and lasts a lifetime. It affords an effective way of achieving a significant reduction in corporate expenditure whilst providing an enhanced standard of entertaining.

Whether gifted to your most valued clients in recognition of their custom, in-house management or loyal and success driven executives, Key Holders are able to take advantage of generous privileges applicable to a wide range of occasions, from a bouquet of flowers, to a lunch for four; from a chauffeur-driven limousine to a party for 200.

“We believe Key-2 Luxury to be the best corporate incentive in the market to win new business”  


  “Our customers are discerning, so we needed to find a corporate gift they would find useful. Key-2 Luxury fits that perfectly”


  “An excellent corporate gift for individuals who are looking for individual treatment”


  “Perfect for that someone who has everything”





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Key-2 Luxury

We are delighted to announce an exciting advancement to the Key-2 Luxury brand. For the first time since its creation in 2004 we are opening our doors to allow individuals the opportunity to apply for an exclusive silver Key-2 Luxury key ring. Those granted with this stylish silver key ring, will have an instant accolade to their VIP status across the globe. Imagine holding hundreds of exclusive privileges, in the palm of your hand.

A priceless gift for your wife or husband, an impressive gesture to a client; the key ring facilitates VIP treatment both locally and internationally. This ultimate luxury lifestyle accessory is not just for special occasions, but is designed to enhance the daily life of its holder, with global recommendations and privileges within renowned restaurants, hotels, retailers, bars, clubs and service providers. Privileges are added regularly to keep our members constantly engaged.

Show your Key-2 Luxury key ring at our partners’ venues to redeem your privileges across the world.

In addition, download the smartphone app, with compliments, for your key ring on the go, featuring all of our global recommendations, privileges, personal contacts and the all important ‘Near Me’ function - perfect for the global elite mobile audience.

The Key-2 Luxury silver key ring is £5,000 with a £79 per year service charge.


We are delighted to announce that for the first time since 2004 we are allowing individuals the opportunity to apply for the exclusive Key-2 Luxury key ring in an interactive Mobile format. For individuals on the go, it is a new modern approach allowing you to access all The Key-2 Luxury global privileges on a 'need to use' basis. Imagine enjoying a service, which instantly accords you VIP status around the world for life, by offering you hundreds of exclusive privileges and personal contacts via your smartphone.

The perfect present for yourself or as a gift, this interactive format facilitates VIP treatment at home and abroad. It is not just for special occasions, but can enhance your daily life. The app features our global recommendations, privileges at renowned restaurants, hotels, retailers, bars, clubs and service providers and the all important ‘Near Me’ function.

Privileges are added regularly, so like a great bottle of wine Key-2 Luxury will simply get even better with age.

Joining fee: £2,500 with privileges redeemable from £10 per usage

10 Year Anniversary Offer

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Key-2 Luxury, Purchase Key-2 Luxury Mobile today (Joining Fee £2,500) and receive:
  • A Luxury Gift Card worth £2,500
  • 2 VIP Invitations to The Global Party
  • Membership to 10+ new and existing luxury brands, including:

Join Key-2 Luxury today to enjoy this exclusive 10 Year Anniversary offer:  Apply

For yourself to enjoy, or to gift (worth £1,000): Champagne for Life is the sparkling luxury membership exclusively for influential women worldwide. This prestigious ladies-only membership offers guidance and recommendations to premium venues across the globe, entitling thousands of luxury ladies to sophisticated champagne privileges for life.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift (worth £1,000): Syndicate is the ultimate membership for those with a passion for shooting, hunting, racing or fishing. It meets the sporting interests of high net-worth individuals with a love of the great outdoors, whether looking for a top-of-the-line fishing rod, or a clay pigeon shoot.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift (worth £1,000): Wellbeing is the luxurious membership for those with an interest in health, beauty and fitness. Wellbeing partners’ encompass spas, gyms, beauty parlours as well as yoga and pilates studios, worldwide. This zen-like membership truly enriches its members’ leisure time.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift (worth £1,000): Interiors is the ultimate membership for those who want to improve and create their live or work space. Interiors’ partner with the best designers, furniture stores and purveyors of household goods and accessories,according its members with personal contacts and outstanding privileges when purchasing furnishings for their space.
For yourself to enjoy or to gift (worth £1,000): Boutique is the fashionable membership; an ideal accessory for high net-worth individuals who want to add to their wardrobe or purchase that perfect gift. Members can benefit from exceptional privileges, whether shopping for a cuff links, candles, or a perfectly tailored suit.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift (worth £1,000): Private Dining is the perfect membership for corporate or personal use. Members benefit from added value when they choose to reserve their private dining room, at any one of the partnering establishments. Private Dining guides its high net-worth members to the best dining establishments around the world.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): The Arts is the luxury membership which connects individuals with an appreciation for creativity and culture, to beautiful art galleries, exhibitions and theatres. Members are provided with guidance, recommendations and personal contacts at the very best galleries, theatres and operas worldwide.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): Membership is for individuals with an interest in obtaining exclusive memberships to world class establishments. Members are instantly accorded with unique privileges when they choose to purchase a membership with any one of its luxury partners, whether a nightclub, spa, golf club or hotel whether a spa, golf club or 5* hotel.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): V-I-P is a luxury membership which accords thousands of high net-worth members with outstanding privileges at hundreds of luxury partner venues worldwide. Members benefit from red carpet treatment, a personal first-name service and additional bottles of spirits or champagne delivered to their VIP table compliments of the house.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): Suite is the luxury membership for globe-trotting, high net-worth individuals to use when booking their luxury hotel suite, whether for a romantic weekend break, or an overnight business trip. Suite directly introduces its members to luxury partner hotels, according them with unparalleled privileges from the moment they check-in.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): is an online press office providing an elegant solution to the promotional needs of businesses and individuals of all types. This digital platform for individuals, event agencies, media and PR agencies creates a simple and effective communication channel between brands, journalists and researchers around the world.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): Bacchus is the essential membership for those who wish to receive unique privileges when purchasing wholesale, accessories and experiences with the purveyors of premium wines and spirits, vineyards, wine cellars and wine clubs all around the world.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): Premium is the membership for high net-worth individuals who wish to purchase gift cards at leading luxury establishments, whether as a corporate gift, a personal present or simply for themselves. From 5 star hotels to independent clothing boutiques, Premium guides its members to the very
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£250): Coffee4Life is the essential membership for all the coffee-lovers of the world. This global membership complements and enriches the lives of individuals everywhere by connecting them to the purveyors of the finest quality coffee, entitling them to mouthwatering privileges, all around the world.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): Mothers & Co is the ultimate lifestyle guide for your lovely little luxuries, who deserve nothing but the best. Offering recommendations to the very best baby brands, child friendly hotels and restaurants, kids fashion and services; this motherly membership community holds a host of benefits for your treasured family.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): Key-2 Luxury Properties markets exclusive international luxury real estate to its members, and high net worth individuals, around the world. Through the elegant and user-friendly website, members can browse an impressive portfolio of stunning luxury properties and enjoy uniquely created privileges when purchasing.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): The Cocktails 4 Life smartphone app is something to never leave home without. This is the perfect lifestyle accessory for those that relish the mouthwatering flavours of an artfully mixed drink; even helping you to plan your drinking destination with a venue locator functionality.
For yourself to enjoy, or to gift on (£1,000): Golf4Life is the ultimate membership for those who are passionate about this sport. High net-worth members all across the world are accorded with unique privileges when purchasing golf accessories or booking lessons, freeways and putting grounds.


Join Key-2 Luxury today to enjoy this exclusive 10 Year Anniversary offer:  Apply

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We are always looking for dynamic, professional, confident, structured, reliable, driven individuals to join our ever growing global team and a selection of these roles are displayed to the left. With multiple opportunities available and with a very exciting path ahead, why not send us your CV or read further information on the opportunities that currently exist. For further information and to apply, please submit a copy of your CV/resume by clicking here

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